Meniga Launches Next-Generation Financial Solutions in Spain

A new version of the Moverang application has been launched and it’s being called the next generation of financial solutions. The new…

A new version of the Moverang application has been launched and it’s being called the next generation of financial solutions. The new version, Mooverang Evolution, allows users to aggregate their financial data from over 40 banks and also lets users link additional information such as energy consumption, telephone usage, insurance expenses and more. As a result, users can have a complete overview of their personal finances in one place and receive personalized savings advice based on this information. Mooverang, which is the basic version of the system, was originally launched in Spain in May, 2014. Both the basic version and the newly launched Mooverang Evolution solution are built upon Meniga’s multi-award winning personal finance management platform.

In Mooverang Evolution, users log in through a website, tablet or smartphone and connect their bank information to be provided with an overview of their household finances similar in nature to the personal finance solution available in Iceland. The Mooverang solution currently has over 100,000 downloads, and the goal is to double that figure before the end of 2015.

The service is available on all major devices, including home computers, tablets and smartphones

The solution was partly developed by using information from price surveys regularly conducted by the European Consumer Organization. The information enables end users to see accurate predictions of how much they can expect to save by moving their business between different stores or products. This way consumers get a complete picture of their expenses and are empowered with information about how and where can they save money. In the future, the aim is to offer services comparable to Mooverang Evolution in other countries.

The system provides users with a complete overview of their expenses
Users can easily review their transaction history in the transaction timeline
Compare your information with the average consumer behaviour of similar users

Meniga makes finance fun
Meniga is a global leader in the development and sale of financial and market solutions, doing business with over 25 financial institutions in 16 countries. The company has over 100 employees in Reykjavik, Stockholm and London, and helps more than 25 million people worldwide understand and manage their finances. For more information visit

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