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We are proud to work with some of the largest and most innovative banks in the world. Find below information about some of our recent installations.

Consors Bank
ING Direct Spain
Commercial Bank of Dubai
Skandiabanken Norway

“This agreement is an important milestone in our journey towards truly personalised digital banking. We have been very impressed with Meniga’s technology and vision and I see this agreement as the first step in a long-term strategic partnership between the two companies.”

Jose María Fuster, Jose María Fuster, Head of global innovation at Grupo Santander.


In 2015, Meniga was awarded a global contract to deploy its Personal Finance Management product across Santander Group markets. Under this agreement, Meniga and Santander are currently working together to bring ‘a best in class’ innovative PFM solution to their clients around the world – starting with Spain. The agreement is the largest of its kind in the PFM industry to date.

Santander is the largest bank in the euro zone by market value. It has a leading market share in 10 countries in Europe and the Americas. Santander’s strategy to deliver a best-in-class digital experience and actionable insights through personalisation, real- time advice and highly targeted service offerings, is now supported by Meniga’s awarding winning financial management, data enrichment and analytics solutions.


Bankdata — one of the largest provider of IT services to banks in Denmark — implemented Meniga’s personalised digital banking solutions in 2015. The implementation is live and fully integrated with the online banks of 11 financial institutions in Denmark, including the 3rd largest - Jyske bank. The solution reaches over 1 million customers, representing 20% of the Danish retail banking market.

“The collaboration with Meniga has been very productive and their market-leading PFM, data enrichment and analytics solutions play an important role in our future digital banking strategy. It is a partnership we expect will bring even more value in the future as we fully intend to provide some of the best online banking experiences in Denmark.”

Thomas Dalsgaard, Head of Virtual Banking Development, at Bankdata.

“If you know how much you spend each month on your car, food or lifestyle, and how much you will have left by the end of the month, it gives you better control over your daily finances. But categorising all transactions manually can be quite tiresome. Meniga’s categorisation engine helped our customers’ fast-track towards financial independence with minimal effort.”

Clemens Eckstein, Clemens Eckstein, Senior expert for eBusiness with Consors.


Consors Bank (CB) entered the growing German retail-banking sector in 2014. To secure the type of engagement any new digital proposition requires, CB rolled out its own financial planner that puts control of consumers’ incoming and outgoing finances at their fingertips.

Meniga and Crealogix worked jointly with Consors Bank to create a world-class digital bank where Meniga’s market-leading personalised digital banking technology was combined with Crealogix’ digital banking portal. The result provides Consors Bank’s customers with a user experience that pushes the boundaries of digital banking engagement.


ING Direct was the first bank in Spain to build their digital banking experience on Meniga's personal finance innovation platform in 2014. ING is a financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking, insurance and asset management to over 61 million private, corporate and institutional clients in 40 countries worldwide. ING employs more than 82,000 professionals and has a large group of major companies serve their clients under the ING brand. ING Direct is the Group's brand for a branchless direct bank with operations in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

“A strong integration of personal finance functionality as a platform to aggregate and enrich existing and new data, has allowed ING to look to the future of their new online banking platform. ING Direct Spain’s experience with Meniga’s technology bolsters the argument that PFM technology is an important component of online banking offerings. Meniga’s solution is designed in a “scalable and customisable way that has allowed us to seamlessly integrate PFM functionality within our online and mobile banking system”

Carmela Ruiz Project Manager
Demo CBD’s Personal Finance Manager


Commercial Bank of Dubai implemented Meniga’s personalised digital banking solution in 2014. The main objective was to grow and enrich its offering to Personal and SME Business customers, enhancing both the self-service and assisted-service offerings.

“These are breakthrough features that really matter to people. CBD’s Budget and Track service, for instance, offers a convenient, transparent and secure way to manage your finances and keep you in control of your income and expenditure without having to remember a thousand things. CBD’s new online platform offers features that are highly user-friendly and can be customised by users as they wish.”

Frans Jan Burkens, Frans Jan Burkens, Deputy General Manager, Personal Banking Group
Demo of Financial Wellness MyFinTrack


Momentum (fully owned by MMI Holdings) is an integrated financial services provider in South Africa. In 2013 Momentum partnered with Meniga to launch a new online service to help individuals gain insight and a transparent overview of their day-to-day spending and longer-term financial affairs. MyFinancialWellness includes a component: MyFintrack, which allows users to quickly aggregate information from their existing bank accounts and credit card.

“Meniga has been more than a mere provider of software to Momentum. During the past months we have worked together to develop and polish the service for the South African market. While we remained focused on the benefits to users, we also worked together to define and implement a viable business case to ensure the sustainability of the project. The Meniga team showed tremendous devotion to the project and were a valuable business partner for us, as well as a reliable provider of their software and services. We were truly impressed by their innovative, client-centric and entrepreneurial approach that resonated perfectly with our own business philosophy, even though the two companies are from different hemispheres.”

Lee-Ann Du Toit, Lee-Ann Du Toit, Head of Financial Wellness at Momentum.
Advert for Promsvyazbank PFM


We’ve launched the first comprehensive personal money management service in Russia. It demonstrates how serious we are about helping our customers become successful. At Promsvyazbank, we see our strong customer focus as an important competitive advantage and it drives everything we do. Meniga has been a great partner for us.

We are really happy that we are building PFM-service with the support of such a professional team. And we are looking forward to continue our partnership to make our PFM-service even better.”

“Promsvyazbank (PSB), a top 10 Russian Bank, implemented the Meniga Personal Finance Management (PFM) Solution in 2013 for all its online banking customers. The custom-built PFM-service has been specifically designed for the Russian market in a collaborative effort between Meniga and PSB with the goal of adding value to their customer proposition and encouraging a shift from cash to card transactions.”

Mr. Algirdas Shakmanas, Mr. Algirdas Shakmanas, Head of Retail Internet Banking at Promsvyazbank.
Demo video of Comdirect


As the first mover in PFM in Germany, Comdirect implemented the full Meniga functionality in several phases, starting in 2013. The Solution has been configured for highly accurate automatic categorisation of German transactions, with a built-in database of 2.5 million German merchants.

“We are thrilled to be the first bank in Germany to offer a high-quality PFM Solution. comdirect has a long history of innovation and technical leadership and the launch of Persönlicer Finanzmanager once more demonstrates our ongoing commitment to stay ahead of the curve and keep improving our customer service. I am also happy to say that our customers played a big role in building Finanzmanager as we asked many of them what they wanted and used their feedback to adapt Meniga’s world-class PFM Solution to the German market.”

Mrs. Sabine Münster, Mrs. Sabine Münster, Lead of Product Management-Banking at comdirect.


mBank, part of the Commerzbank Group- in Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia is the first and biggest Central European online bank with 5 Million customers. BRE Bank worked on Europe‘s most ambitious next-generation online banking project with its new mBank, featuring deeply integrated personal finance functionality, real-time offers, event-driven CRM, Facebook Integration, P2P Payments, and more. Meniga’s APIs have been used since 2013 to redesign the front-end experience from scratch and Meniga’s technology has effectively replaced the transactions backbone of the online bank as function of the depth of the integration while all of Meniga’s existent and future features are deeply integrated in the new online and mobile bank. The new mBank project won “Best of Show” at FinovateFall in New York in 2013 – and is by many industry thought leaders considered the most advanced online bank in the world today.

“The Meniga Personalised Digital Banking Solution is the backbone of many key features of the new mBank, such as Transaction Presentation, Personal Finance Management, and the highly popular Quick Search function. Meniga’s contribution to the project has been instrumental and we could not have wished for better partners in terms of professionalism, fast delivery times and having access to Meniga’s invaluable experience of how to get Personal Finance Management right.”

Michał Panowicz, Michał Panowicz, Senior Director of “New mBank” Project.
Demo of Säästöpankki PFM solution


Säästöpankki, a Finnish Savings Banks implemented Meniga's Personal Finance Management solution in 2012. The solutions is fully integrated with the online banks of all 33 savings banks in Finland.

“We are very happy to be able to offer our customers a world-class PFM solution. It is a part of our philosophy of delivering a personal service and making sure that our customers know we are on their side — as a partner and trusted advisor, not just a faceless institution. Our PFM solution is a key element in making sure that our extremely valuable brand image of closeness to the customer migrates seamlessly between the offline and online worlds. Meniga has been an excellent partner and we were impressed with their ability to keep deadlines and work under pressure to deliver a fantastic product on time. An added benefit has been our access to the considerable expertise of the Meniga team, which is on the cutting edge of next generation online banking services. It is a relationship we are confident will bring us added value in the future as we strive to maintain and expand on our position as a first-mover in this space in Finland.”

Harri Mattinen, Harri Mattinen, Head of Development at Savings Banks Association (Säästöpankkilitto in Finnish).
Min økonomi


Meniga’s Solution was integrated fully and seamlessly with Skandiabanken Norway‘s online bank and has been available as part of the online bank under the name “Min Økonomi“ (My Finances) since 2012. It is designed to make household money management engaging and fun as it brings various intuitive tools to Skandiabanken‘s customers that help them visualise and manage their money with no or minimal effort. Within 6 weeks of launch over 20% of its online banking users started using it, with an average of 2.5 monthly visits per user.

“Skandiabanken has always put the customer first and many of our customers have been asking for a better way to get a clear picture of where their money is going. Meniga's PFM Solution is world class, we could implement it in a short time, and we are really excited about the positive response from our customers in Norway so far, with over 10% of all online banking users starting to use „Min Økonomi" in the first week alone.”

David Blocho, David Blocho, Head of PFM, Skandiabanken
TV advert for Íslandsbanki PFM


Islandsbanki is one of the oldest and largest banks in Iceland. The bank is considered
quite innovative and has in recent years continuously been voted as the bank with the happiest customers in Iceland. Islandsbanki launched Meniga‘s PFM Solution in 2009 and is Europe‘s 2nd oldest offering of a full-fledged PFM Solution by a retail bank. The solution has been extremely well received by the bank‘s customers and employees alike.

  • Over 20% of the bank’s online users signed up within 6 months of launching.
  • Over 75% of new users log in again within 2 weeks and over 25% visit the site more than 5 times in the first month.
  • 89% of users said they would recommend the Meniga PFM Solution to their friends.
  • 88% of users say they will use the Meniga PFM Solution regularly in the future.

“Offering the Meniga Solution to our customers has been an unqualified success. For the first time in years we are seeing significant increase in online banking registrations. Meniga has in a very short time become one of Íslandsbanki’s most important strategic partners in retail banking”

Vilhjálmur Halldórsson Vilhjálmur Halldórsson Executive Director of E-Commerce

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