We help banks use data to create delightful customer experiences & new revenue streams

Discover value in data

World class digital banking starts with good data. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, banks can deliver proactive advice and recommend products to customers through nudges & notifications.

Drive customer engagement

Become the bank of choice by offering your customers a highly engaging personal finance coach. The Meniga innovation toolbox enables banks to deliver a customer experience which rivals market leading apps.

Develop new revenue streams

Create a profitable ecosystem with retailers and consumers through personalised rewards. Understand your data, discover new customer segments and deliver tailored product recommendations at the right time and place.

Innovate with Open Banking

Our platform is designed for the future of Open Banking through the consolidation and enrichment of transaction data - all accessible through rich API’s.

Leading banks choose Meniga as their innovation partner

Read our insight paper innovating with open banking

Open Banking revolution, sparked by new data laws and new players, is forcing banks to up their game. See how innovative use of customer financial data and select partnerships are now key if banks are to survive and prosper.

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