Dear Customer,
thank you for working with Meniga this year.

Greetings from our C.E.O.

Our team of innovators, product experts, data scientists, and developers have been working hard all year on some new & exciting products that we want to share with you and how they can benefit your bank.

Carbon Insight

Meniga's Carbon Insight is a sustainable and cloud-based solution that uses spending patterns to enable banking customers to track & offset their carbon footprint.

The solution is one of the most accurate in the world and can be implemented in as little as 3 months onto any banking app.

Benefits for Banks
  • Engagement for growing segments
  • Upsell & Cross Sell green products
  • Strengthen ESG/CSR

See Carbon Insight in action

Insights & Nudges

Meniga's Insight Factory is a data-driven solution that enables Banks to build a deep relationship with customers by providing relevant insights, advice, and financial products at the right time.

The solution can be implemented on top of any data structure, Digital Bank, or Personal Finance Management solution.

Benefits for Banks
  • Boost product sales & revenue
  • Increase digital engagement
  • Deepen customer loyalty

Smart Money Rules

Meniga’s Smart Money Rules uses automated rules to seamlessly set money aside helping customers build their savings as well as reinforcing positive financial habits.

Smart Money Rules is a highly engaging product that works in any Digital Bank on top of any Personal Finance Management or Money Management system.

Benefits for Banks
  • Engagement across all segments
  • Upsell & Cross-sell savings products
  • Deepen customer loyalty