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Meniga’s mission is to improve people´s financial lives by creating healthy financial habits over time. For the past decade we have perfected highly engaging PFM solutions that build long-term loyalty through a delightful customer experience.

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Today's banking customers expect more from their digital bank. In order to create the most highly engaging Personal Finance platform, we have extensively researched the psychology behind digital habits. We continue to

  • Take inspiration from market-leading platforms that excel in habit-forming loops like social media and fitness apps
  • Implement gamification to make the user experience more enjoyable
  • Analyse psychometric principles such as the big 5 personality traits
  • Fixate on KPIs such as log-in frequency, retention, session time and session depth
  • Understand the importance of ROI post-implementation

Beat the tech giants
in digital banking

Competition is intensifying in the banking sector with technology giants, social media leaders, and fintechs targeting various parts of the financial services profit pool.

Your bank needs to lead the way in being a trusted financial advisor or risk being leapfrogged by third parties.

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Key features for
a successful PFM solution

Successful PFM should be easy to use, simple to start, and super engaging. Here’s what we believe constitutes a best-in-class offering that will drive customer engagement for your digital bank.

  • User profiles

    • Highlight the most interesting information available to the user
  • Cards and accounts

    • Highly motivated power users can plan and monitor finances
  • Budget

    • Flexible expense reporting with extensive filtering capabilities
  • Enriched transactions

    • Robust merchant mapping and granular transaction categorization
  • Net worth

    • A long-term overview of how assets and liabilities develop over time
  • Search and filter

    • Faceted search across all cards and accounts
  • Challenges

    • Motivate customers to reach savings goals with Challenges
  • Savings goals

    • Enable users to set saving goals
  • Upcoming

    • Give users better control over their financial future with an overview of expected income and expenses
  • Community

    • Enable your customers to see how their financial situation compares with their peers
  • Activity feed

    • Communication channel which contains personalized user events. These include insights, advice, offers, and recommendations
  • Reactive insights

    • Financial insights based on user context while interacting with your app. Transaction details and regular reports
  • Reports

    • Flexible expense reporting functionality with extensive filtering capabilities
  • Built-in user events 

    • Scheduled weekly and monthly reports. Trigger-based notifications about deposits, unusual expenses, and merchant-based information