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Experts in Banking

Our solutions are used by top-tier financial institutions in 30 countries, providing services to over 65 million people worldwide. Our transaction processing and enrichment engine is unmatched in terms of quality and flexibility. We help financial institutions develop data-driven financial services and new innovative business models.

Creative Professional Services

We have a creative and experienced team of cross-disciplinary professionals in financial technology. Our people adapt to your organization and build on a great track record with our other partners to respond dynamically to your needs. Our integration and professional services teams strive to put your organization in control of our solutions.

Flexible Integration

We are proud of the compliments that Meniga has received from our customers regarding the flexibility of our integration services. We are able to customize our product to match your requirements better than anyone else in this business and adapt our system to your existing bank infrastructure.

Support & Training

We provide top notch support at every stage of the implementation project from the project plan all the way up to launch and beyond. After you’re up and running, we provide a specialized team to train your staff to get the most value from your Meniga implementation.

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Design like a FinTech

5 Day Innovation Workshop with Meniga´s Product Team

In our 5-day innovation workshop you get to work with Meniga´s best product managers and UX designers to help you make the most of Meniga´s innovation platform and set the direction for your product development. We spend a full working week helping you take your ideas from concepts to prototypes using the same innovation process we apply internally.

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