Understand the business case for banks to go green

This paper will take you through:

  • Metrics from US Consumer study on green banking

  • How can a green solution drive engagement

  • Carbon Conscious customer base

  • Green revenue possibilities

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  • Going Green - The Climate Change Opportunity in Banking

About this material

Climate change is a hot topic in the United States. A new study of U.S. consumers demonstrates that there is a significant opportunity for community-based financial institutions to win business and gain a competitive advantage by competing on a climate-based strategy.

Key findings from the study include:

  • Climate change is the top social challenge facing the United States today
  • Americans don’t track their carbon footprint—or take actions to reduce it
  • Consumers want to do business with companies that have policies for protecting the climate
  • Younger consumers want their banks’ help in managing their climate impact
  • Consumers want climate-friendly checking account features