Here's to 2023!

Greetings from our team here at Meniga

Scroll down to see our focus and goals for the coming year and the highlights that brought us here.

We work to ensure that you can stay focused on your customer

If customer centricity is at the heart of your business, Meniga has been working tirelessly to ensure that your customers feel your love for them!


For digital banking to be impactful, it has to be nuanced and personalised. Data is what we use, personalisation is how we make a meaningful impact in the lives of your banking customers.


Our modular, event-driven architecture allows us to work with banks to zero in on their goals and help them achieve success with ease and efficiency. We are determined to think of the very best solutions to the challenges you face.


We are experts at executing digital banking change. We understand that each bank has its own unique set of challenges and can foresee the risks and issues that may arise.

Meniga on stage

We were thrilled to have been given the platform to chat about how Meniga helps bridge those stubborn gaps in digital engagement both on stage and in front of the camera.

We had a great time at Finovate and honoured to have had the opportunity to showcase our hyper-personalised insights engine.

Product Strategy lead Hamza Behzad used the stage at Money 2020 to share how closely we should compare our digital banking apps to consumer favorites like Instagram or Strava.

See Hamza Behzad in an interview with FinancialIT

Our Goals for 2023

As 2022 comes to a close, we find ourselves settling into yet another new norm.

With that, here are our goals for 2023.

  • Help banks empower their customers to have better control of their finances as the cost of living continues to rise
  • Continue to invest in modernising technology to help banks accelerate digital banking innovation by ensuring modular architecture
  • We are obsessed with how powerful hyper-personalisation can be, and we remained focused on our mission to ensure that banks are fully harnessing this power in their digital banks.
  • Really lean-in to the power of consumer psychology and behavioural economics to ensure a measurable impact in the lives of your customers and ensure lasting results