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Build data-driven campaigns with insights that are personalised and delivered in real-time

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Helping banks reach business outcomes

Increase Customer Loyalty & Retention

The best way to increase engagement is to build trust through hyper-personalised insights and advice

Drive Revenue growth of Digital Sales

Build on that engagement and promote products to the right customers at the right time – thereby increasing digital sales

Maximise potential across Digital Channels

Maximise ROI by delivering insights across all channels and creating a holistic digital banking experience

Amazon & Netflix have respectively derived 35% and 60% of their sales from hyper-personalised recommendations

of banking customers rate personalization as “highly important”

of Bankers agree that offering personalised services impacts customer monetisation

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Personalisation is the key to increasing engagement & digital sales

Most banks are providing some form of personalisation, but seeing as 3 out of 4 banking customers only use their app for basic functions, its evident that efforts and investments into digital channels are being flushed down the drain.

This is a significant problem for Banks that want to engage customers through digital channels and grow digital sales. So how can banks provide the exact message, in the right place at the perfect time for that hyper-personalised, ultra-engaging action?

Hyper-personalised insights in real-time.

Insight Factory allows you to create, manage, and deliver hyper-personalised insights to customers in real-time.

This platform taps into your existing infrastructure to supercharge your customer outreach channels, allowing you to go beyond generic notifications and reach the right customer, at the right time, and in the right context.

In just 4 simple steps banks can,
for example, upsell credit cards to people
renovating their homes


Configure Trigger

Spot customers who have just made a transaction in a home improvement store


Define Audience

Narrow it down to those who have had frequent expenses in home improvement recently, and do not have a credit card


Decide Content

Personalise the message by including each customer’s credit limit


Select Channel

Deliver the insight as a Push Notification to the customer’s mobile

Increase CRM effectiveness
with highly targeted campaigns

This modular platform is built to fit
seamlessly into your Digital Banking infrastructure