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Meniga Smart Money Rules

Help your customers nurture their savings and watch your engagement rates soar

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Enable smart banking

Meniga Smart Money Rules saves money for users and then helps them manage their savings through fun, automated rules like Round-ups or Guilty Pleasures

For saving rookies

Make it easy to get started saving and help customers build financial security

For experienced savers

Reward savers with beyond-savings rules that can automate donations or investments and reinforce good financial habits.

For banks

Grow your saving portfolio, cross-sell products and drive user engagement in your banking app

of Europeans express big desire to change savings behaviour*

of Millennials are stressed about not saving enough**

of Europeans do not know how and have any savings***

Meniga Smart Money Rules

Help your banking customers set money aside and leverage their savings in ways that are important to them.

An exceptional user experience in your banking app

Discover and decide how to *save*

Help users discover and understand savings rules and choose the ones that work best for them.

*Use* rules & review progress

Users have a full overview of their rules at all time, giving them total control to adjust, add or deactivate rules and track progress.

Keep finances *safe*

Give customers the assurance that their account balance will be safeguarded by the system, preventing events like overdraft from happening.

Put *saved* money to good use

Provide your customers with ways for them to do good by donating a percentage of weekly savings to support a good cause or offset their carbon footprint.

Designed for customers
Made for banks

  • Works with every PFM solution
  • Complementary features packaged with rules​
  • Flexible payment initiation integration
  • State-of-the-art RESTful API powers your digital banking channels

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