Meniga respects that Islamic banking customers have a unique and specific set of needs that adhere to their values. Our solutions help Islamic banks achieve their business outcomes all while enabling customers on their path towards financial wellness.

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As customers worldwide head to their online and mobile banking apps more than into physical branches, there is a critical need to provide an engaging and meaningful digital banking experience, or banks risk losing their customers.

By maximising the value of their data, Islamic banks are in a unique position to go above and beyond for their customers by offering specific financial products that align with their values.

  • Budgets & Planning – Simple but effective ways to help your customers ensure financial wellbeing, establish budgets or send warnings when expenses exceed their balance
  • Insights & Reports – Interactive account overviews across all accounts with endless filtering options​
  • Spending Challenges – Encourage your customers to build healthier financial habits and save money in small attainable increments​
  • Activity Feed – A perfect avenue for religious financial education that fits perfectly in the activity feed of their transactions and personalised insights
  • Islamic/Lunar Calendar - Ensure that your real-time is in the right time for your customers

51% of bankers believe that financial digital advisors that help customers save will increase engagement.

  • Spending Challenges – set a challenge where customers work to limit their spending in a specific category you suggest based on their historical expenses
  • Savings Goals – create a separate savings pot where customers can easily monitor and feel immediately rewarded for contributions
  • Automated Savings Rules – create flexible rules that can “round up” amounts to accumulate funds in a savings account.
  • Nudges & Insights for Savings – hyper-personalised nudges and notifications to help customers stay motivated towards their savings goals

  • Cross and upsell Halal banking products
  • Help customers find the right product for their needs like Ijara vs Musharaka mortgages
  • Educate everyday customers on Islamic finances and raise Islamic financial literacy
  • Create a loyal and more engaged customer