Success Story

Nationwide roll-out
of multi-bank PFM,
Rewards platform
and Analytics

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Data Mgmt / PFM / Rewards / Analytics





increase in
customer engagement




in annual cashback
for active users


transactions processed &
categorized per year


increase in
customer engagement




in annual cashback
for active users


transactions processed &
categorized per year

60% of the Icelandic population has access to the Meniga platform

either through our own app or through our partnership with every bank in Iceland


The Meniga app provides easy PFM overview and engages customers with beneficial features to support their financial goals while the Meniga Rewards system simultaneously offers users targeted cashback on purchases. Additionally, provides unique market analytics on a B2B level.

The Challenge

Promoting financial awareness among the Icelandic population with simple UX and friendly design. Supporting Icelandic businesses by offering data-oriented decision making among SMEs.

Key Features


A simple tool that helps people set and achieve savings goals. Customers can opt-in on a variety of challenges that are unique to their savings or spending goals.

Financial Planning

A clear view of your account including income and expenses for future months.

Auto-Calculated Budgets

Each subcategory receives an auto-calculated budget based on historical spending, allowing users to drill into transaction.

Cashback Rewards

Personalised offers delivered to customers based on their transaction history, helping customers save money on things they want and need.


Meniga is a global leader in personal finance management software solutions. Our higher purpose is to “help people lead better financial lives” and we do so by partnering with leading banks and help them expand their digital bank into a kind of personal finance coach.

Georg Ludviksson

The Results

  • Highest monthly NPS achieved in the last 12 months: 59

  • x 10 increase in customer engagement

  • 50 m transactions processed & categorized per year

  • +€1000 in annual cashback for active users

  • Voted Best App by the Icelandic Web Awards

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