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    UOB is a leading bank in Asia with a global network of more than 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.


    In 2019 UOB launched the revolutionary TMRW app, designed for the ASEAN millennial and aims to become the most engaging digital bank in the world.

    The Challenge

    To clean, categorise, & process complex transaction data to generate personalised insights for customers, many of whom are digitally-advanced. UOB leverages Meniga’s experience and ability to deliver solutions that underpin multi-national banking operations, offering a state-of-the-art foundation for finance management and digital banking.

    Key Features

    Banking as fun as a mobile game

    Gamification designed to entice saving allows the customer to level-up and build a virtual city that gets bigger as savings increase.

    Payment reminders

    Automatically generated notifications for upcoming payments and outstanding bills.

    Alerts & Notification

    Instant alerts for unusual or duplicate charges.


    Meniga has been an excellent partner for UOB. We have used their categorisation engine in several of our markets within the TMRW Digital Bank and our UOB Mighty app.

    Their tools align with our data-centric approach to create engaging and effortless experiences for our customers.

    Stuart Smith
    Head of Regional Engagement Platforms and User Experience TMRW Digital Group

    The Results

    • >40 NPS (Net Promoter Score)

    • More than 50% of customers are monthly active users

    • More than 60% increase in online financial transactions

    • More than 50% lower acquisition cost - Growing organic & declining acquisition offers

    Note: the above achievement was the result of TMRW’s engagement-centric model, which is driven by a combination of in-house and partners’ technological solutions including Meniga’s. General results across Indonesia and Thailand in 2020 H1