Cashflow Assistant

Provide your customers with a personal financial coach that can help them with their everyday finances.

See how Meniga can help your digital bank

+ Financial coach for Banking Customers

+ Increase Digital Engagement

+ Upsell & cross-sell Products

Give customers peace of mind with
proactive Digital Banking

Research worldwide shows financial literacy is low, and there is a growing concern among people about their financial wellness.

Meniga’s AI-powered Cashflow Assistant helps banking customers understand where they are financially and provides future cashflow predictions.

Banks that help customers know whether they are safe to save or free to spend see an immediate increase in digital engagement and are rewarded with lifelong loyalty.

Why should Banks implement Cashflow Assistant?

For Banks

  • Increase customer trust & loyalty
  • Build healthy financial habits & grow digital engagement
  • Recommend the right products at the right time based on your customers’ financial needs such as investment products or credit lines

For Customers

  • Relieve stress of liquidity problems with a projected future balance of accounts
  • Reduce fees associated with overdrafts
  • Efficiently balance monthly cashflow

69% of adults worldwide are financially illiterate

76% of millennials lack basic financial knowledge

Only 60% of households have a budget

Cashflow Assistant is a white label product that can be implemented on top of any Digital Bank or PFM solution - on premise or in the cloud.

Cashflow Assistant is designed to provide
a seamless UX in any Digital Bank