Meniga helps you reach your digital banking goals

Our award-winning digital banking products help leading financial institutions utilize data to meaningfully engage with their customers and develop new revenue streams.

Carbon Insight

Empower your customers in the fight against climate change with Meniga’s award-winning carbon solution. Increase green digital sales, create new pathways of customer engagement all while strengthening your ESG strategy.


An accurate overview over cashflow is a critical step in leading a healthy finacial life. Empower your customers with knowledge and earn their lifelong loyalty by predicting upcoming transactions and notifying them of what’s ahead.

Financial Managment

Build loyalty & long-lasting engagement by helping your customers create healthy financial habits. Meniga’s Financial Management creates a unique digital banking experience which has helped our clients reach their customer goals.

Insight Factory

Adopt hyper-personalisation to boost customer loyalty & retention, drive digital sales, and maximise use of your digital channels. Meniga’s engagement platform allows you to reach out to the right customer, at the right time, in the right context.

Meniga Hub

Meniga Hub allows banks to release the full value from their data by aggregating, consolidating, and enriching both internal and open banking data to give banks a 360-degree view of their customers’ finances.


Simultaneously drive engagement across 2 customer segments - help SMEs achieve maximum ROI on campaigns; help customers save money at shops and services they regularly use. We’ve created a mutually beneficial ecosystem that serves your customers, your businesses, and your banking goals.


Make saving money an effortless and fun project with Meniga’s automated and gamified savings rules. Meniga can help saving rookies start building an emergency fund, reinforce the habits of experienced savers, and help banks sell saving products & drive engagement.