Albert Hauksson speaks at ConveyUX — premier user experience conference from Blink

April 1st, 3pm UTC — Catch Meniga’s Lead UX designer talk about the design process behind one of our most innovative products.

With just about a decade of experience in the software industry under his belt, Albert Hauksson will share the secrets behind Carbon Insight, our hottest product that enables banks to inform customers about their carbon footprint and provides the power to reduce or offset it.

“The concepts of climate change, carbon footprint, and emissions are complex and abstract. Meniga’s challenge was to make intangible scientific data relatable and real to people and empower them to take action.”

Meniga’s Carbon Insight uses transactional data to provide carbon estimate

ConveyUX is an opportunity for UX professionals to come together, exchange ideas and learn for industry leaders. This completely digital event will circle the globe by way of 6 events that span 18 cities, 11 countries, across 11 time zones, in a series that happens on the 1st of every month.

Every event will be anchored by three presentations and supplemented by one-on-one and small-group networking.

World Tour Schedule

April — Madrid — UK & Western Europe (UTC)

May — Boston — Americas/East Coast (UTC -5)

June — Austin — Americas/Central (UTC -6)

July — Seattle — Americas/Pacific (UTC -8)

August — Sydney — Australia, Russia, Asia (UTC +10)

September — Berlin — Central Europe (UTC +1)

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About ConveyUX

ConveyUX is the user experience conference from Blink. Since 2012, ConveyUX has gathered designers, researchers, strategists, product managers, and more to learn the latest about what’s going on in the world of user experience.