Catch Meniga’s Eleni Vlami at the Alternative Finance Forum 2021

Menigan Eleni Vlami is set to present innovative green banking solutions at AFF2021, taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece on Wednesday, Oct 13 2021

We are honoured to have been invited as guest speaker at AFF2021 and thrilled that our very own Eleni Vlami will be representing us at one of the first in-person events since Covid 19 put a halt to life as we knew it.

At the 2021 Alternative Finance Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece, we will be meeting with financial innovators and social entrepreneurs, exploring how they are utilizing new technology and design principles to transform access to finance and bring financial services to all consumers.

AFF2021 is an in-person event taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece

Vlami has been invited to join the session on Non-Lending Fintech Solutions, where she will address the innovation that has to happen in Green Banking for the safeguarding of our future, and the benefits for banks by filling the huge opportunity created by carbon-conscious consumers.

The Alternative Finance Forum is a two-track event (Financial Innovation and Social Capital), with twelve speakers in each track and two large-group panel discussions in the main space.

The purpose of the Forum is to discuss:

  • Financial Technology Innovations
  • Blended Finance
  • Social Finance Alternatives
  • Social bonds
  • Online Business Lenders
  • P2P Lending Platforms
  • Blockchain
  • Community Money
  • Data
  • Social Banks
  • Digital Identity
  • Gender Finance
  • Equity-based Crowdfunding
  • Government Supported Platforms

The Forum is organized by the Business & Cultural Development Centre (KEPA) with the support of the European Investment Bank Institute in partnership with the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

You can find the entire agenda here
And if you plan on attending the event, be sure to register here.