CEO Georg Ludviksson contributes his thoughts in the latest issue of The Financial Technologist

Aptly titled Phoenix, this edition focuses on leaders in the financial sector and their views on the rise of Financial Technology in this post-pandemic landscape.

The most recent edition of The Financial Technologist, Phoenix, carries with it the theme of Fintechs and their ability to rise up and flourish within the current global landscape. Tony Babb, CEO of the Harrington Starr Group writes in his forward:

“We have seen a quite remarkable response from the Financial Technology sector with some extraordinary leadership, brilliant marketing and entrepreneurial brilliance.

The sector has remained robust and for many companies, there has been unprecedented levels of growth. From tragedy, great things have happened. Opportunities have been seized and negatives turned into positives.”

This is the second financial crisis which Meniga has weathered. In fact, it was the financial crisis of 2008 which spurred Meniga into existence. From the start, our main priority as a business is to help people lead better financial lives in good times and in tough times — suffice it to say times are tough.

For his contribution “It’s time to prioritise Financial Fitness”, Ludvikson makes the connection between financial health and physical health”

We should be exercising regularly, but it’s not until the button pops off before we really set our minds to making a change. Most of us treat our financial health in a similar fashion — we ignore it until we can’t and then we scramble to try and regain balance.

It’s a metaphor that most of us can relate to and in this current climate, most of us have taken a hit when it comes to financial health.

Meniga helps individuals by providing solutions to their banks — solutions that transform their digital bank into a toolbox that ultimately helps customers regain their financial health.

To read more about how we can help your bank prioritize your customer and evolve your digital bank, or to hear more from an impressive line up of leaders in the Financial Sector, download Phoenix here.

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