Come see Georg Ludviksson speak at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam

Meet the Meniga team between 4th to 6th June at Money 20/20 — Europe’s largest fintech event — at the RAI Amsterdam.

The Meniga team is heading over to Money 20/20 in Amsterdam from Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th June for the latest and greatest in fintech and digital banking. The Meniga team will be well positioned with a booth located at C30 — see floor plan below.

If you’re in the area, please get in touch and we would be happy to meet you for some good conversation!

On day 3, Wednesday 6th of June at 16:35 at the Lion’s Den Stage Meniga’s CEO & Co-founder Georg Ludviksson will be sharing insights in a keynote presentation on personalisation in digital banking with focus on what banks can learn from social media and big tech.

Banking is at a crossroads. We have come a long way from the simple times of storing money and handling the exchange of currency. At the blink of an eye, banks now need to consider user experience and app development to remain current to their customers.

Still most banking apps look and behave in the same way. People expect more now than just the ability to view their balance and make transfers. People ask for insight, guidance and the rewarding feeling of time well spent while managing their finances. Many people now expect the same experience they receive from fitbit, duolingo and headspace from their bank. In the near future, companies like facebook, Google and Amazon will offer financial services backed by their experience and success in simplifying people´s lives.

Meniga has been working with banks for 10 years now meanwhile staying close to our community in Iceland developing solutions that make finance management engaging and fun.

During his presentation Georg will cover how we can we take banking beyond banking.

Money 20 20 Europe floor plan

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Money 20/20 is Europe’s largest fintech event. A world-class experience for European innovators across industries and company types, Money 20/20 Europe is more than just an event. It’s a catalyst for the growth and development of the payments and financial services ecosystem.

The market-leading three-day event brings together the entire payments, FinTech and financial services industry. Ideas are created, partnerships are formed and future trends are imagined.

The unparalleled senior audience is comprised of visionaries and luminaries: the people who built the ecosystem, and the people who are disrupting, challenging and changing it.