Euromoney interviews Bragi Fjalldal on Amazon’s move into Banking

In a recent article, by Transaction Services Editor Kimberly Long at Euromoney, Meniga CMO & VP Business Development Bragi Fjalldal shares…

It has been reported that the commerce and big tech giant Amazon is in talks with banks such as JPMorgan and Capital One Financial Corp to provide financial services like checking accounts.

Many believe the move makes perfect sense, as Amazon wants to own every step of the customer experience, from shopping to delivery. Why not accounts and payments?

The strategy could help Amazon lower fees it pays to financial firms and give it a bigger window into customers’ income and spending habits. Analysts are suggesting that an Amazon bank could rival Wells Fargo with 70 million customers. Some have even stated that Amazon could become the third-biggest US bank if it wants to.

In the article by Euromoney, Meniga CMO and VP Business Development Bragi Fjalldal, shares his insights on what Amazon’s potential move into banking would mean for the industry, what the impact could be for banks and their customer relationship and how banks can respond.

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“Amazon are about to prove that it is possible to disrupt banking without a banking licence. If Amazon asks a bank to white-label their current account on favourable terms — who is going to say no to that? If this move by Amazon is a sign of what is to come, banking may look very different a few years from now.”

Bragi Fjalldal, Meniga CMO and VP Business Development

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