Forbes covers Meniga’s global success after the economic collapse

In a recent article by Forbes, business writer Heather Farmbrough highlights Meniga as a great example of a company that rose to great…

Recently business writer Heather Farmbrough of Forbes visited the beautiful island of Iceland to learn more about how the country’s major banking collapse back in 2008 actually created a thriving landscape for innovation. Around this time, or in early 2009 three friends from Iceland; Georg Ludviksson, Ásgeir Ásgeirsson, and Viggó Ásgeirsson came together and founded Meniga with the dream of helping people lead better financial lives. The rest is history.

In the interview, Heather interviews Meniga’s CEO & co-founder Georg Ludviksson on what the atmosphere was like during the collapse, how Meniga became so successful despite the collapse as well as the latest innovations from Meniga such as the Meniga Rewards platform, how Meniga has partnered with the United Nations to fight climate change and the importance of helping people lead better financial lives.

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“The crash changed everything. Now people don’t want to work in banks, they want to be part of something meaningful and feel they are working for themselves.”

Meniga was founded in Reykjavík, Iceland in 2009

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