Georg Ludviksson participating in a roundtable on the remote future brought about by COVID-19, at NFI’s virtual event

On 1st Oct, Meniga’s CEO & co-founder, Georg Ludviksson, will be participating in a virtual roundtable discussion on the topic “What would the world look like if we locked down forever?”, hosted by networking group Nordic Future Innovation (NFI).

The world is becoming more digital than ever

Amongst the many ramifications of COVID-19, the global shift to remote working processes has no doubt been one of the most significant adjustments companies have had to make. As governments around the world are implementing new lockdown policies, we still face many uncertainties with regard to what the future workplace might look like.

In a move to address some of the questions surrounding this new reality, and to gather the experiences of business leaders from across the Nordics, Nordic Future Innovation is hosting a virtual event in which a panel of guests will explore the implications of a possible scenario where the world is locked down for the long run, and businesses are built for pure digital and remote access.

Tune in for NFI’s Virtual roundtable

Participating in the virtual roundtable discussion taking place on Thursday 1st October at 14.00–15.30 CET is our CEO Georg Ludviksson who will be joined by some of the Nordics’ brightest business minds, including Tone Lunde Bakker of Swedbank, Truls Fjeldstad of NorgesGruppen, Daniel Kjørberg Siraj of OBOS, Geir Hoff of Clas Ohlson, Kristiina Kukkohovi of Heimstaden and Idar Kreutzer of Finance Norway.

Anyone interested in tuning in for the discussion, which will be moderated by Chris Skinner of The Finanser, can register for free here.

About Nordic Future Innovation

Established in 2017, Nordic Future Innovation (NFI) is a networking group connecting multi-sector industries (including Fintech, Insurtech, Retail, Proptech and Big Techs) with corporations, startups, hubs and investors across the Nordics to help generate business opportunities, unlock the power of innovation and bring value to society. In the three years since its inception, NFI has built the largest collaboration environment in the Nordics.