Magazine sits down with Meniga’s CEO for the latest instalment of Innovators vs Covid19

Georg Ludviksson on how the creative use of data is helping Meniga reshape the bank and fintech ecosystem worldwide

This has been a particularly trying time in the start-up world and online magazine is doing their best to support and bolster the industry.

Through their series Innovators vs Covid19, readers get to see how other founders and CEOs are weathering this storm and doing their best to thrive despite the current climate.

Ludviksson is the latest founder to share his experience and insights.

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your business and how are you coping?

Georg Ludviksson: Just like for most companies, the pandemic has meant that we have had to run our business and all processes remotely. With offices spread out across the world we were already well set up for virtual meetings and collaboration, but there is no denying that we have had to put the work in to make sure that we cater to our employees’ needs during the new circumstances.

In terms of our offering, we are fortunate to be selling a product that, if anything, increases in importance during times of economic turbulence. Many people are worried about their finances currently, and it is our job to help the banks provide the best possible support they can through our digital banking software.

With a blend of both personal and business questions, Georg is able to share his experience as an entrepreneur, a CEO and also, a family man who is navigating his way around this global pandemic.

Did you have to make difficult choices and what are the lessons learned?

Georg Ludviksson: Over these past two decades of running businesses, I have experienced three different crises, namely the burst of the dotcom bubble in the early 2000s, the financial crash of 2008 and this current pandemic.

Just like many other entrepreneurs I certainly have risk-taking in my nature, but something I’ve learned from navigating companies through times of economic turbulence is to be a little more cautious, and to always have a survival plan in place.

Read the full interview on here.


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