Meniga chosen as Top20 European Fintech Company by Fintech Magazine 2016

The Fintech Magazine 2016 — “Future of Tech in Finance” is out and Meniga is proud to be selected as one of the most influential FinTechs…

The Fintech Magazine 2016 — “Future of Tech in Finance

FinTech companies accessing the financial market are springing up like mushrooms. At the beginning of the year, Forbes estimated the number of FinTech startups worldwide to be between 5,000 and 6,000. That figure is now much higher. Conclusion: FinTech is booming.

Last week the Fintech Magazine 2016 was published. The magazine focuses on the “Future of Tech in Finance” and leading innovators and thought leaders in the fintech space. We are proud to say that the Fintech Magazine chose Meniga as one of the top 20 Fintech companies in Europe— highlighting Meniga’s building blocks for personal finance to speed up development of online banking platforms as well as Meniga’s solutions to help banks utilize their data for new revenue streams.

Additionally, fintech thought leader Chris Skinner, member of Meniga’s Advisory Board was chosen as Top21 European influencers in the fintech industry for his revolutionary ideas and contribution to banking and technology.

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