Meniga featured in FT Partners Industry Report

Financial Technology Partners recently published their extensive research report titled Open Banking; Reacrchitecting the Financial Landscape

Consider this FT Partners industry report as an equivalent to Open Banking 101. This in-depth report covers Open Banking in all forms, from the state of Open Banking across Europe and the US, to interviews of leaders in fintech, to case studies of success stories and so much more.

The subheading of this report says it all — Rearchitecting the Financial Landscape aptly conveys how Open Banking has forever transformed the financial services industry.

Open Banking offers an opportunity for incumbents to partner with new players and give their customers more ownership over their financial information.

It’s detailed key themes that illustrate the importance of fintechs within the financial service industry:

  • The rise of APIs
  • The Battle of the Customer Relationship
  • Embedded Finance
  • Enablers to the Enablers
  • Bank to Bank Payments
  • Growing Usage of Data
  • Cloud-based Core Bank Processors
  • Incumbent Core Processors’ Open Banking-Related Services
  • Open Banking Solutions for Corporate Banking
  • Focused Point Solutions

The report highlights Meniga as part of its company profiles providing readers with insights into how we help banks create the best possible digital banking experience.

Meniga’s solution helps multiple retail banks across the world create mutually beneficial digital relationships with their customers by improving their online and mobile banking user experience through innovative solutions designed to get people to think about and engage with their finances.

Desktop view of Meniga’s Personal Finance Management platform

Meniga is proud to work with banks across the world to help them innovate their digital banks in a wide range of areas. We are passionate about the power of transactional data and how it can be used to help people lead better financial lives.

As more financial institutions expand access to customer data through application programming interfaces (APIs) and other data sharing methods, a greater number of companies will be able to compete in the financial services landscape, which should in turn boost the degree and pace of innovation in the market.

Open Banking has been somewhat of a revolution. One that has super-charged digital transformation and one that will perpetually benefit the digital banking experience for us all.

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