Meniga nominated for best Web Solution in Iceland

The Meniga has been nominated for best Web Solution at the 2019 Icelandic Web Awards

Next Friday on 22 of February the annual Icelandic Web Awards will take place at the Hotel Nordica Reykjavík, Iceland. The event celebrates the best sites, solutions, applications and more happening in the web industry each year. This year, Meniga is nominated in the category ‘Best web solution’.

Since Meniga’s founding in 2009 Iceland has played an important role as a pilot market for all of Meniga’s solutions. Meniga is in the unique position of having a direct to consumer web solution & mobile app available to anyone age of 16+ to sign up free of charge to better understand and manage their finances.

Having over 35% of Icelandic households registered gives us a great deal of flexibility to try and test our solutions and measure the results. In addition, Meniga’s users in Iceland are highly active in providing a constant feed of valuable suggestions on what they feel is working and what could be improved. Meniga uses all of the valuable feedback and engagement metrics to hone Meniga’s approach to engagement and to continue building the best digital banking solutions in the world.

We’re honoured to say this is the second year in a row Meniga is nominated in the category and last year Meniga actually brought home the gold for two categories: ‘Best mobile app’ and ‘Best web solution’.

VP Business Development & CMO Bragi FJalldal accepts the award for ‘best mobile app of the year’ on behalf of Meniga at last years event.
The Icelandic Web Awards bring together the best and brightest in the Icelandic web industry each year.

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