Meniga triumphs at Finovate Europe 2015 — Wins best of show

Fusing PFM with Card Linked Offers through its Facebook-like Financial Feed.

Meniga is proud to announce it has been recognized at this year’s Finovate Europe, taking the top accolade of Best of Show for the third time. Meniga previously won Best of Show in the first European Finovate in 2011 with its PFM Solution that emphasized engagement through gamification and social curiosity. Meniga won again in 2013 with the acclaimed mobile feature To Buy or Not to Buy, which showed banks how a fun and engaging PFM Solution could be used to bring contextual information to users at the point of purchase and to encourage impulse savings.

This year in London’s prestigious Old Billingsgate market, Meniga demonstrated a new generation of its mobile app. Central to the app is Meniga’s state-of-the-art, Facebook-like activity feed that essentially tells users the story of their finances as it unfolds. Notifications, advice, offers and actionable events are mixed in with transactions to form a delightful, even addictive, user experience. Its beautiful design and innovative UX was well received by the FinTech community, as was the message that context and relevance are the keys to superior engagement.

“Meniga’s new Facebook-like feed is a vehicle for banks to drive engagement and valuable new services. The future of retail banking is a delightful mobile app where actionable insights, as well as high-quality, relevant offers are integrated with everyday banking.” said Georg Ludviksson, Meniga’s CEO

The Finovate demo also featured Meniga’s PFM-driven marketing platform, Market Match, where card-linked offers have been fused with Meniga’s award-winning PFM Solution to massively outperform existing loyalty and offers programs in terms of conversion rates and user acceptance.

“Meniga’s core competence is its ability to make sense of people’s finances and present them in a simple and intuitive manner. A natural next step for Meniga was to use this expertise and the power of PFM data and analytics to source and present highly relevant, deep discount offers. We have always maintained that money management should not only be about helping people understand and manage their money — but also about helping people make the most of it.” added Mr. Ludviksson.

Meniga is not only raising the bar for digital banking engagement but also entering a new realm where it is linking PFM with highly personalized offers to show banks a new business model at the intersection of advertising and banking. Meniga will soon be launching its offers platform in select countries in partnership with leading retail banks.

About Meniga

Meniga is the European market leader of white-label Personal Finance Management (PFM) and next-generation online banking solutions. Meniga’s award winning solution helps multiple retail banks across the world create mutually beneficial digital relationships with their customers by dramatically improving their online and mobile banking user experience through innovative solutions designed to get people to think about and engage with their finances. Meniga believes in a consumer driven data ecosystem where digital engagement is translated into market intelligence and helps optimise spending by offering consumer’s highly targeted contextualised offers (PFM driven marketing).

About Finovate

Founded in 2007, Finovate is a series of unique conferences that showcases the best new innovations in financial and banking technology via short, fast-paced demos (no slides allowed) and high-quality networking.

Originally published at on February 17, 2015.