Meniga wins best re-branding at the Icelandic Advertising Awards

Last year the Meniga team went through an in-depth re-branding process — taking a fresh look at our brand, products and overall visual…

The Meniga team with ‘Lúðurinn’ for best re-branding

Meniga was recently awarded ‘Best Re-Branding’ at Lúðurinn — the Iceland Advertising Awards —at the Hilton Hotel in Reykjavík, Iceland for outstanding brand design experience.

Each year Lúðurinn or ‘The Horn’ is awarded across various categories such as best marketing campaign, best digital campaign and best television advertisement in Iceland. This year, at the 32nd awards, we are proud to have been nominated for and to win the acclaimed Lúður for best re-branding. Meniga was the only winner at the awards that was not an ad agency and where everything was designed in-house.

“Winning best re-branding and visual experience at Lúðurinn this year is a great recognition for Meniga. We believe beautiful design is one of the key factors why people love our products. Our Design team deserves tremendous credit for their work.

Since we launched our new app, with the new brand experience, we’ve seen massive growth in engagement. More people have downloaded the new app than ever before and we have doubled our daily active users.”

said Eva Björk Guðmundsdóttir, Head of Icelandic Operations at Meniga.

The acclaimed Lúðurinn or ’The Horn’

We are especially proud to receive this award since functional design is at the heart of our solutions — providing a beautiful and seamless user experience to the world of digital banking. Over a year ago the Meniga team decided to take a fresh look at our brand, products and overall visual experience, improving upon what we had already built, leaving no stone unturned. After long design sessions and much self-reflection, we launched the new Meniga brand which is now at the forefront of everything we do.

Read about the re-branding process in detail here.

Sketching process
New logo
New business cards with abstract design
New mobile solution design
New mission statement on a wall in the Icelandic office

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