Nasdaq interviews Georg Ludviksson on founding and leading Meniga

As part of their Market Insite founder-series, the leading stock exchange Nasdaq interviewed Meniga’s CEO & co-founder on the challenges…

In an recent interview with American Stock Exchange Nasdaq, Meniga CEO & Co-founder Georg Ludviksson shared insights on what it’s like to found and lead a growing start-up like Meniga, the fintech’s amazing growth since it’s founding and what makes a winning company culture.

Read the full interview here.

“A big part of my job as CEO of a 100 strong and fast-growing start-up with offices in 4 countries is organizational building and culture is probably the most important aspect of organizational building.

When it comes to cultivating culture I am cognizant that my actions influence what others do so I try to lead by example.”

Meniga’s CEO & co-founder Georg Ludviksson

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