Sifted highlights Meniga as a great example of innovation arising from financial crisis

In a recent article by Sifted of Financial Times, reporter Mimi Billings talks to CHRO & Co-founder Viggó Ásgeirsson and CMO & VP Business…

In October 2008, the Icelandic prime minister Geir Haarde announced that Iceland was on the brink of bankruptcy. Normally this would not sound like a good time to launch your start-up. However, in the case of Iceland, the period since the financial crisis has been described as the golden age of the country’s start-up scene. Out of this crisis, Meniga was born.

Recently Sifted of Financial Times reporter Mimi Billings traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland to talk to Meniga’s CHRO & Co-founder Viggó Ásgeirsson and Meniga’s CMO & VP Business Development Bragi Fjalldal about Meniga’s success since it’s founding during the financial crisis in 2008.

But why did the crisis lead to such a thriving environment for innovation?

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“We were more or less a child of the crisis,” says Viggó Ásgeirsson.

Viggó Ásgeirsson Chief Human Resource Offices & Co-founder of Meniga

Sifted also mentions other successful Icelandic start-ups that have experienced impressive growth such as digital cash fintech Monerium and anti-money laundering tech company Lucinity.

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