The Finnish Savings Banks implement Meniga‘s PFM Solution

Meniga is pleased to announce that the Finnish Savings Banks (Savings Bank = Säästöpankki in Finnish) have implemented Meniga’s Personal…

Meniga is pleased to announce that the Finnish Savings Banks (Savings Bank = Säästöpankki in Finnish) have implemented Meniga’s Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution which has been fully integrated with the online banks of all 33 savings banks in Finland.

The PFM solution is branded under the Säästöpankki brand and is presented by the name “Finanssivahti” (Finance Watch) in Finnish and „Ekonomivakten“ in Swedish. It was launched on September 4th2012 with a significant marketing campaign in Finland.

Key features include automatic categorization of expenses, multiple visual reports and personalized budgets based on past spending behavior, all designed to allow Säästöpankki‘s online banking users to intuitively and effortlessly manage their personal finances.

“We are very happy to be able to offer our customers a world-class PFM solution. It is a part of our philosophy of delivering a personal service and making sure that our customers know we are on their side — as a partner and trusted advisor, not just a faceless institution. Our PFM solution is a key element in making sure that our extremely valuable brand image of closeness to the customer migrates seamlessly between the offline and online worlds. Meniga has been an excellent partner and we were impressed with their ability to keep deadlines and work under pressure to deliver a fantastic product on time. An added benefit has been our access to the considerable expertise of the Meniga team, which is on the cutting edge of next generation online banking services. It is a relationship we are confident will bring us added value in the future as we strive to maintain and expand on our position as a first-mover in this space in Finland,” says Harri Mattinen, Head of Development at Savings Banks Association (Säästöpankkilitto in Finnish).

Meniga is very pleased to be part of helping the Säästöpankki group become a first-mover in PFM among Finnish retail banks. PFM is fast becoming the foundation of next generation online banking services in several European markets. A great PFM service is an extremely effective tool to build trust and shows that the Finnish savings banks are serious about contributing to their customers‘ financial well-being. At Meniga we are intensely focused on our mission to help people understand and manage their money. Our vision is strongly aligned with the long-standing values of savings banks of staying close to their customers and providing a personalized service. It is a partnership that we are optimistic about,” says Georg Ludviksson, CEO and co-founder of Meniga. “The right tools can make money management an engaging and fulfilling experience, especially when people start to reap the rewards of smarter financial decisions. A trusted and comprehensive PFM solution within an online bank can facilitate that experience and become a solid thread between the bank and its customers. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that makes both business sense and branding sense,” he adds.

About Meniga

Meniga is Europe‘s leading provider of white-label Personal Finance Management (PFM) and next-generation online banking solutions. Meniga‘s PFM Solution was first launched in 2009 and is now live as part of 6 online banks in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Meniga is further implementing its solution with financial institutions in Poland, Germany, Russia and S. Africa extending its reach to over 5 million users by early 2013. Meniga‘s PFM Solution has received multiple awards, such as „Best of Show“ at FinovateEurope, and boasts market.

Originally published at on September 21, 2012.