Meniga selected as a top London startup to watch in 2019

When you work in a company that has about 160 people who work in 7 offices around the world, it is good to be reminded that it is still…

Seedtable recently published its 2019 list of London startups to watch. This list is curated by Gonzalo Sanches, a tech writer at Seedtable. We are honored to be have made it on to the list and it is certainly safe to say that we are in great company. Other startups in finance, fintech, and banking include Starling Bank, TransferWise, Monzo and Revolut, just to name a few.

Innovating at full speed

It would be easy just to be gratified to be included in the prestigious list. But the real story of this list from Seedtable is the terrific terrific innovation going on in the fintech space.

Over 30% of the list are companies in the fintech sector. They are either banks or they specialize in some aspect of banking, personal finance management, cross country transactions, lending, invoice aggregation, blockchain technology and so on.

Keeping up is hard to do

It is clear that from the Seedtable list that those who follow the fintech industry will have their hands full in following all the new innovations and ideas. We are excited about being part of this innovation story and about being a startup.

About Seedtable and the 100 London Startups to Watch 2019 list

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SeedTable researched the top 100 London startups. Things like traction, funding rounds, founding team, location, and more were deciding factors in the selection.