Women in Fintech PowerList 2017

On 16th of November in London, Innovate Finance published the Women in FinTech Power List 2017.

The initiative, first launched in 2015, aims to showcase women who are driving global success across the sector. The women nominated on the Power List play different roles in fintech. Innovate Finance celebrates their unique journeys and collective contributions.

Women in Fintech PowerList 2017

My nomination

This year, I am really honoured to announce that I am part of the Power List of women that are shaping the future of fintech.

Congratulations to all nominees!

My working experience

For more than 15 years now, I have worked in big corporates, as well as fintech start-ups around Europe.

Whether working in big corporates or a start-up environment, there is always a completely different set of challenges, but not because I am a woman. Your gender is irrelevant when building a new company from scratch and you are completely dependent on your team to multi-task and juggle. Of course, every company is facing challenges and hurdles, but my overall experience is that start-ups are similar to a roller-coaster ride.

In big corporates, the set-up is different since they can rely on their brand, legacy, existing infrastructure and support from multiple teams.

My role at Meniga

I am fortunate to work for Meniga, in an Icelandic Fintech company. We are in the business of helping banks revamp their customer relationship through white-label digital banking solutions. I am responsible for our Account Management department, which in the software industry can have many facets.

Our team focuses on customer relationships and engagement. We are here to listen to the customers, analyse their feedback, understand their needs and support them along every step of their innovation journey.

Fintech and other businesses require a diverse range of voices to shape and influence innovation, and we are making this happen- join the ride because it is fun!

Meniga team in Women in Fintech Powerlist 2017 Launch

Topics of gender equality and promotion of diversity in our sector cannot be ignored and surely are not a distraction. On the contrary, they should be addressed as main objectives on our everyday performance.

My perception is that diversity is important in all forms. Companies need to pursue employees with a diverse mix of voices, age, race, nationality along with working experience & background. The main approach should be to find role models and seek allies both among women as well as among men. There is an equal responsibility among all team members to promote diversity. And I always advice our colleagues to work as a team but also to focus on their talents and passions and be vocal about them.

Meniga team in Finovate Europe 2017