Major news publication Forbes discusses the opportunity for banks by serving climate-conscious consumers

Forbes reached out to Meniga for their recent article The Rise Of Climate-Conscious Consumers: The Climate Change Opportunity In Banking

In a recent article published by Forbes, Cornerstone advisors conducted a US study to understand thoughts around climate change as a social issue and to gauge what action has been taken and if there are barriers to taking action.

According to Cornerstone’s survey of 3,150 US adults, nearly one in four Americans consider climate change to be the most important social challenge facing the country. No other challenge was cited by that many respondents.

The article reveals some surprising facts…that nearly six in 10 Americans are very concerned about climate change, however only half have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

The main takeaway is that consumers are looking for ways to take action and banks are uniquely positioned to offer the right tools to do so, “The (potentially) surprising news is that many — in particular, Gen Zers and Millennials — want help from the banks and credit unions they do business with.”

It’s not about value-signaling or pandering to a small group of Birkenstock clad tree-huggers. Climate-conscious and climate-aware consumers are mainstream consumers and there are opportunities for banks and credit unions to focus their corporate strategies around products and services to serve these consumer segments.

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