Banking Technology interviews Bragi Fjalldal on engagement in digital banking

Meniga CMO & VP Product Development Bragi Fjalldal shares insights with Banking Technology on how banks can react to open data in a…

Bragi Fjalldal, Meniga CMO & VP Product Development

In an article published today by leading financial and tech publication, Banking Technology, Meniga CMO & VP Business Development Bragi Fjalldal, shares insights on customer dis-intermediation in banking and what banks can learn on the user experience of big techs, fintechs and social media leaders to react to the changing landscape of financial services in a post- PSD2 world. Read the full article here

“In a post-PSD2 world there will naturally be increased competition in the digital banking space, and banks will no longer be able to rely on the inertia of lifelong customers.”

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