Climate Action Through Cashback

Climate change demands collective action. The cashback system may help support it.

Climate change is a reality and is already causing impacts and phenomena of frequency and intensity never seen before in human history. With these developments comes suffering and the disruption of ecosystems that sustain life on earth.

Maintaining the global temperature within 1.5 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era is possible, but to do so humankind must act now and minimize its negative influence on the climate. 

How cashbacks can support climate action

The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050 and keep the global temperature below 2 - or even better below 1.5 - degrees centigrade. To do this a 360-degree energy revolution that encompasses all parts of human society worldwide needs to unfold.  

There has never been as much public awareness of the climate problem as there has been in the last year. Millions of individuals have taken to the streets on all continents, demanding their politicians to take the necessary policies and avoid further environmental disasters.

The reduction of greenhouse gases by reducing the use of fossil fuels and the transition to clean and renewable energies – has become the center of political debate prompting everyone to join the effort.

We at Meniga feel compelled to do our part in combating climate change. That is why we have entered into a sponsorship agreement with the United Nations Climate Change and decided to financially support carbon offset projects around the world that are aimed at reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, a known culprit for the planet’s warming climate.

What is more, we have devised a system for our users to also join in our effort and increase their personal dent in the fight. Meniga Reward, helps users to earn and save money through cashbacks when they shop at specific stores and restaurants listed in the app. But in the latest version of the app we have released a new feature that allows the user to choose to give any earned cashback-money to carbon offset projects managed by the United Nations.

Currently, there are two projects Meniga is supporting. The first one is in Malawi and it is a project that aims at replacing thousands of traditional cook stoves that use firewood for fuel with fuel efficient stoves. This effort benefits approximately 200,000 people and is reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as preventing deforestation and respiratory diseases in the population.

The second project we support is a 6-Megawatt power plant in India at Chilakapalem Village in Andhra Pradesh state. This plant is biomass based and uses agricultural residues, like rice husk, sugarcane bagasse or corn cob, as a fuel to generate electricity for the state grid. The plant exports the generated electricity to the state-owned power utility company, helping to green the electricity grid offered in the state. The energy produced powers and heats homes and industries, often using waste that would have otherwise been left to decay, releasing methane into the atmosphere which contributes to climate warming.

6 MW Renewable energy generation project in India

We look forward to seeing our new feature engage our users into using their cashbacks for the common good and we will be sure to continue our own personal support to these projects adding to our users’ climate action.

We firmly believe that people, communities and businesses all can play a role in a global effort to curb the climate issue.

“In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket”.
David Suzuki