Digital transformation and enablement remain recurring themes at this year’s Finovate Europe

Meniga opens the demos with Carbon Insight at this year’s Finovate Europe, showcasing our innovative green banking product that enables banking customers to fight climate change.

The inescapable nature of our reality remained the ever-present backdrop to the 50 speakers and presenters. And while many aspects of our lives have been put on hold this past year, the overarching theme is that digital transformation has gone the opposite direction, with fintechs innovating faster and more creatively than ever before.

Finovate gave the stage to 20 companies to showcase their tech for this year’s version of live demos. Meniga had the honour of being one of such companies giving CEO Georg Ludviksson the opportunity to share with the fintech world our green banking product, Carbon Insight.

Carbon Insight makes it easy to understand your carbon footprint

Meniga’s Carbon Insight is the quintessential green solution for banks. One surprising statistic to come out of this past year is that more people are concerned about climate change than they are about the current pandemic.

“People who are concerned about climate change are tired of talk and lack of action — These Carbon Conscious consumers are mainstream, tech-savvy and affluent.”

- Ludviksson

Banks have an opportunity to provide an actionable solution for their customers. Carbon Insight gives banking customers the ability to understand their carbon footprint, insight into how they can reduce it, and most importantly, the power to take action.

Compare your carbon footprint to national averages or other banking customers.

At Meniga, we have been obsessive in understanding how we can motivate banking customers to lead better financial lives, making us global leaders in PFM solutions for banks, We have taken this experience and transferred our knowledge to helping banking customers lead healthier environmental lives.

Carbon Insight gives customers the power to act, either by reducing or offsetting

With Carbon Insight, banking customers are able to login to their digital bank and check in on their carbon footprint. And just as we have learned with personal finance management, we’ve ensured that it’s easy to understand, simple to interact with and implemented clever ways to gamify the experience.

Georg’s product demo caught the attention of Glen Sarvady, Managing Principle at 154 Advisors and host of the podcast BIGCast. He selected Carbon Insight as 1 out of the 3 demos to cover on his Finovate recap episode.

The episode included guests from Quantum MetricWua and gave Georg Ludviksson the opportunity to go into a bit more detail about Carbon Insight.

“This year [Meniga has] a new solution that particularly caught my attention — I think it’s a great idea and very timely as well.”

- Sarvady

Sarvady and Ludviksson discuss the live implementation of Carbon Insight in Iceland, 4 implementations set to go live in the coming months, as well as how Carbon Insight has the potential to engage Gen Z, a notoriously elusive generation when it comes to finance management engagement.

Listen to the full episode of Glen’s podcast here.

Watch the full 8 minute demo of Carbon Insight here.

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