Financial Services Technology Handbook highlights Meniga’s unique approach to Digital Banking during unstable times

The Financial Services Disruptive Technology report published in partnership between Verdict and Arena-International, notes that putting customers at the heart of the business model is integral to maintaining a successful bank.

In this partnership, Verdict, a data-powered news platform revolving around global technology, business, and innovation, and Arena, an event organiser for senior-level executives across the financial services industry, developed an insightful report around disruptive technologies within the financial sector.

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Changing landscape

This report has been published during a pivotal time for the sector, given the habitual and behavioural changes that have taken place during the pandemic. According to 85% of bankers, COVID-19 will force customers to rely more heavily on online and mobile banks, making it essential for banks to keep up with these developments. Meniga explains that the consumers’ needs have hugely changed as a result of the pandemic, and it is vital for the banks and businesses to take this into account in order to remain successful. What people will appreciate the most right now is their bank helping them to get through the tough times and rebuild their finances.

Being a trusted advisor

A key message conveyed by Meniga within the report is that banks can beat their challengers by simply being there for their customers, understanding their needs, and prioritising them when making business decisions. Right now, it is evident that people need tools and advice in order to be able to improve their financial outcomes.

Meniga’s Digital Banking suite is proven to boost customer engagement, loyalty, and financial outcomes for banks as well as financial outcomes for customers

Key pillars of world-class digital banking

Meniga also shared its organisation’s key four pillars, which have been developed based on its experience providing digital banking solutions to banks worldwide.

  1. Improving financial outcomes for bank customers
  2. Improving the quality of digital engagement
  3. Delivering financial results for banks
  4. Growing customer loyalty

To read more about the various technological breakthroughs developed within fintech, you can find the full report here.

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