Medici interviews Georg Ludviksson on how to use data in digital banking

Recently financial technology and business news site Medici interviewed Meniga CEO & Co-founder Georg Ludviksson on how the company is…

In the interview, Georg Ludviksson shared insights with Shannon Rosic, Director of Multimedia at Medici, on what major challenges banks are facing today, future trends for the industry, how banks can keep up with the “Amazon effect”, how banks need to use data in clever ways to drive customer engagement as well as what the future may hold for Meniga.

“Banks are under pressure like never before to upgrade the user experience. Now there are Neobanks or startups that are defining the UX and banks need to catch up to stay relevant or risk disintermediation.

That’s the key challenge we are addressing, helping them stay close to their customers as well as bring new value-added services into their digital bank.“

Watch the full interview below

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