Netguru interviews Georg Ludviksson on how to engage banking customers

Meniga CEO Georg Ludviksson shares insights with Netguru on how banks need to engage their customers, before it’s too late.

In an recent interview published by Netguru Meniga CEO Georg Ludviksson shares insights with senior editor Tomasz Grynkiewicz on customer dis-intermediation in banking and outlines 3 strategies on how banks can react to the changing landscape of financial services.

Georg talks about what banks can learn from the user experience of big techs, fintechs and social media leaders and highlights how using data to create a personalised banking experience is the key to meaningful customer engagement in digital banking. Read the full interview here.

The impressive growth of fintech was possible because banks were reluctant to use their data, to experiment. But they still hold the data, and data is the key to any personalised banking experience.

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