The Moey app shows the way forward for banks says Handelsblatt

Moey, the first mobile-only Portuguese digital bank launched by our partners Crédito Agrícola, has has been very successful in the…

The moey! digital banking app

We have been delighted by the success of the digital banking app Moey. This innovative app was recently launched by our Portuguese partners, Crédito Agrícola. Most importantly, this digital bank has attracted some 20 thousand customers in very a short time.

Challengers gunning for banking domination

In its coverage of the recent Web Summit event in Lisbon, Handelsblatt was a little critical of the banks. The paper reported that the banks were mostly absent from the financial themed part of the event, the so-called MoneyConf. According to Handelsblatt, the event was mostly attended by tech companies.

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These were both established giants such as eBay, Google and Amazon, and startup fintechs. All of these are gunning for domination of the financial industry or parts of it.

The moey! app has received much praise for great UX and personalisation

Crédito Agrícola bank leads the way with the Moey app

Crédito Agrícola was, however, very much present at the Web Summit. The bank demonstrated the Moey banking app and was very well received. Handelsblatt interviewed Crédito Agrícola Director Jorge Almeida Gonçalves who pointed out that the app will soon become even more useful for its fast-growing customer base.

“In the app, customers can manage their entire finances. Soon we will also offer insurance and other services” says Jorge Almeida Gonçalves, Director, Crédito Agrícola

The annual Web Summit in Lisbon attracts over 70,000 people each year

Moey and Meniga at Web Summit

At Money Summit Meniga’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jakub Piotrowski, and Crédito Agrícola’s Director of Innovation & Digital Ricardo Madeira took the stage in a fireside chat. During the chat they addressed questions such Why did Crédito Agricola launch the moey! app? What were the main challenges? What are the most interesting areas for improvement for retail banks? Can banks be more socially responsible? Is open banking putting banks at risk?

Ricardo Madeira and Jakub Piotrowski at Money Summit

Meniga around the globe

Meniga’s co-founder and CEO, Georg Ludviksson, is also interviewed by the German business paper. He points out that Moey is one of many projects we at Meniga are working on with banks and other financial institutions. After all, we are active in 30 countries.

Georg Ludviksson, the CEO and co-founder of Meniga

Born to guide banks

As Handelsblatt points out, the Moey banking app offers a way forward for European banks. It also states that international technology companies like Meniga are essential to guide banks in an increasingly intense competitive environment. We are happy to play this essential role for our partners in the banking and financial industry. After all, it was what we were born to do.

About Handelsblatt

This German business paper is based in Dusseldorf and is one of the leading newspapers in the German-speaking world. About 200 journalists and correspondents work for the publication.