We’ve written the playbook on Engagement in Digital Banking

See our newest guide on how banks can gain, retain, and monetise customers through meaningful engagement.

It’s no secret that a key metric for banks is customer engagement with their digital channels.

The rise and fall

Tell me if this sounds familiar — You finally get internal alignment on launching a new feature in your digital bank. After months (sometimes months and months) of building, you’re ready to launch! D-day arrives — you launch your feature and success! 30% of customers opt-in and engagement rates are at an all-time high!
But after a few weeks, the novelty of the feature has worn away and your customers are no longer engaging.

Engagement — it’s not just jargon, it is a marker that indicates the health of your digital bank and the happiness of your customers.

“Engagement is a simple concept: when customers spend more time using your services, they’ll be more loyal and more ready to explore other products you recommend.”

The playbook

We’ve written the playbook engagement in digital banking.

We spell it out in 3 key steps:

  1. Turn your data into value
    Data is the first pillar of meaningful customer engagement and one of your key competitive advantages.
  2. Hyper-personalise the digital banking experience
    If people feel their bank really knows them and their financial situation, they’re less likely to look elsewhere and start afresh with a new provider.
  3. Harness gamification to build habits
    Helping customers change their behaviour and develop positive routines is the third pillar of meaningful digital engagement.
A launched and live use-case - Credito Agricola's success through the implentation of Meniga's Carbon Footprint Calculator

We give you real-life examples of customers who have seen success from adopting these steps.

And just to drive our point home, the playbook is filled with metrics from outside research as well as our Meniga Global Surveys of 4000 Banking Customers and 650 Bankers (Directors, VPs and C-Suite).

Click here for your copy of The Ultimate Digital Banking Engagement Playbook.