Tune in: Discussing the new paradigm of digital channels in the banking industry

Tune in: Discussing the new paradigm of digital channels in the banking industry

Webinar: The new paradigm of digital channels in the Banking industry

The Webinars Marathon

Our technology partner Xpand IT has recently launched ‘’Webinars Marathon’’, a series of online sessions discussing the supportive role technology plays during the current era of digital transformation.

For their upcoming episode, Xpand IT & Meniga join forces to elaborate on tools and solutions that can support fast-track implementations that deliver tangible results.

What will Banks do to help their customers when they need them the most?

In the aftermath of COVID-19 many consumers will find themselves in uncertain financial times. Moreover, the main communication with their Bank is now only through digital channels. This means that creating a truly innovative customer experience that helps users build healthy financial habits should be unparalleled in importance and urgency.

In this webinar, we will discuss how the current scenario has accelerated the banking digitization movement and present solutions that will support customers in this new digital-only era.

Xpand IT Insights research and Banking Study

Xpand IT team will present their vision & insightsin the banking industry, highlighting best practices to be followed in these types of scenarios.

Day and time:

2nd of June, 11:00–11:45 am (London time)


  • Sérgio Viana (Partner & Digital Xperience Lead, Xpand IT)
  • Filipa Moreno, Digital Xperience Evangelist, Xpand I
  • Sérgio Magalhães, Director de Canais Digitais, Millennium BCP
  • Duarte Correia, Head of Digital Channels, NOVO BANCO
  • Lídia Sá, Direção de Banca Directa, Crédito Agrícola
  • Gregory Gillet, Business Development Manager, Meniga

What will you learn?

  • The impact of the current situation on customer interaction with their banks
  • Existing trends that will be accelerated and established in the new era
  • Vision & digital solutions for the near future in the post-pandemic environment

Interested in participating? Follow the registration link here

Covid-19 Personal Finance First Aid Portal by Meniga

The Meniga team will present our ‘’COVID Personal Finance First Aid Portal’’; how we enable customers to take control of their own finances.

Help your customers stay in control​

​​Our web solutions and mobile apps make it simple for customers to stay on top of their finances​. They allow customers to:

  • Drop-in on their financial activity feed to check out their spending profile or monitor spending challenges
  • Glance at their weekly report that’s delivered to them every Sunday
  • Receive warnings when there is unusual spending or overspending

About Xpand IT

Xpand IT was created at the end of 2003 by two tech-savvy entrepreneurs: Marco Oliveira and Pedro Gonçalves. Their goal was to build a great company, with a highly specialised team in leading edge software areas and technologies, which was able to inspire others to achieve amazing results.