Using AI can drastically increase sales and cross-selling in Digital Banking

Recently financial technology and business news site Medici interviewed Head of Rewards Partnerships, Andrew Harper, and Senior Engagement…

In the interview, Meniga’s Andrew Harper and Ainsley Merchant shared insights with Shannon Rosic, Director of Multimedia at Medici, on how Meniga is helping banks take advantage of Open Banking and solve regulatory challenges, how AI is changing how we think of digital banking and Meniga’s impressive growth worldwide.

“One very interesting use case is being able to predict future trends or behaviour. This is what has happened in the past and this is what is most likely to happen in the future.

An example could be, a bank wants to increase the number of credit cards in circulation. The we can use AI models to analyse which customers are most likely to want to either take a new credit card or upgrade a card. Banks can then target these segments.

We’ve seen fantastic results. In one case, it resulted in a 300% increase in sales for credit cards“

Watch the full interview below

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