Webinar - Banks Going Green | The Business Case for Financial Institutions to Provide Green Financial Products

September 8th 1pm EST - Moderated by Ron Shevlin with guests CEO of Aspiration Andrei Cherny, Vice President of Greenpenny Bank, Jason MacDuff and Meniga’s Bragi Fjalldal

It’s clear that the topic of climate change is becoming inescapable in our daily lives. And as much as we would like to avoid the doom and gloom of the fires, floods, droughts and heatwaves, it is the reality of our present day.

Consumers today have the motivation to take action but they lack the tools that can make a difference.  Banks are in the perfect position to take the lead on making an impact in the fight to protect our planet, as they build a customer journey around carbon footprinting and green financial products.

In our upcoming webinar, Banks Going Green - The Business Case for Financial Institutions to Provide Green Financial Products, we will be addressing questions such as:

  • Why are consumers choosing banks based on their climate policies?
  • What are green banking products?
  • What are the regulatory trends regarding climate banking?
  • How can banks & credit unions capitalize on climate trends?

Moderated by Ron Shevlin, Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors, and author of the Fintech Snark Tank blog on Forbes, our guests on the panel are:

  • Andrei Cherny, CEO & co-founder of Aspiration, a neobank for environmentally-conscious consumers, and recently named one of the 50 most innovative fintech companies in 2021 by Forbes
  • Jason MacDuff, Vice President of Greenpenny.com (powered by Decorah Bank), a leader in financing solar projects, operating in a carbon-neutral way, and driving adoption of renewable energy usage into new markets
  • Bragi Fjalldal, CMO & VP Business Development at Meniga, a leader in helping banks worldwide drive customer engagement & revenue through innovative digital banking solutions

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