Bloomberg interview’s Meniga CEO Georg Ludviksson

QuickTake the Lead discusses how Banks can empower their customers when it comes to Carbon Emissions

In Bloomberg’s recent episode of their series QuickTake the Lead, host Scarlet Fu spoke with our very own Georg Ludvkisson about our solution Carbon Insight, and why it’s been such an immediate successful product.

In the interview, Fu first asks Ludviksson to give viewers a quick take on Carbon Insight.

Screenshot of host Scarlet Fu and Georg Ludviksson Interview
Host Scarlet Fu speaks with CEO Georg Ludviksson

She then dives into the inner workings of Carbon Insight:

  • Does the solution give customers to opportunity to take action on their Carbon Emissions?
  • Which banks are using Carbon Insight?
  • Do banking customers need to Opt-In to use the service?
  • Why are banking apps the logical place to learn about their Carbon Footprint?
  • How are you thinking about your company’s goal in this new climate crisis?

You can see watch the episode in full here and catch Georg’s interview at 23:35.

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