Italy’s news source la Repubblica features Carbon Insight

One of Italy’s most prevalent news publications discusses how our partnership with Nexi Open is bringing this innovative green solution to banks across the country

Climate change is a global issue and the rise of carbon-conscious consumers is happening across all borders. Italian news source la Repubblica picked up on our partnership with world-leading pay tech company Nexi Open and the demand for green solutions from both the financial services industry and its customers.

The millennial banking customers are the ones who take full advantage of the most advanced digital services while at the same time, are the ones who understand that everything has an environmental cost.

They are looking for green solutions such as the one recently launched by Icelandic fintech Meniga, and presented by Nexi Open.

There is an art to Green Solutions. They have a tendency to be too complicated for everyday engagement where the impact is vague at best. The article covers how Meniga’s Carbon Insight is the ideal green solution, as it uses an individuals Carbon Footprint and as 3 key elements to make it successful: climate change through 3 necessary key steps related to an individuals Carbon Footprint:

  1. Carbon Awareness — Summary and detailed overview of footprint
  2. Carbon Insight — Insights based on your carbon profile
  3. Carbon Action — Carbon offsetting & green financial products
Banks are in the unique position to help customers track and offset their carbon footprint in the context of their green banking products.

This can all be achieved through one’s digital bank as their carbon footprint is accurately estimated through the bank’s transactional data and banks are showing signs of extreme readiness to implement this product.

Meniga's Carbon Insight not only diversifies a bank’s digital portfolio but also increases customer loyalty due to the altruistic nature of the product, increases customer engagement, and is essentially a highly effective way to use a bank’s CSR budget.

Carbon Insight makes it easy to understand your carbon footprint

Nexi Open works closely with banks to “promote as much innovation and modernisation as possible for Italy” through innovative high-quality solutions in Open Banking. They have their finger on the pulse of the financial services industry in Italy and have found Carbon Insight is the quintessential innovative green digital solution they would like banks to adopt.

{Carbon Insight} provides Nexi’s partner banks a useful, unique, and particularly sought-after service by the younger and more attentive customer segment.

We are thrilled to be working so closely with our partners at Nexi Open to offer Carbon Insight to banking customers in Italy.

Find the Italian article in its entirety here.

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