Meniga’s Cashback Rewards platform named as one of the best worldwide

CardLinx Association selects Meniga on their top 10 list of leading providers of rewards & card-linked offers technology.

Recently, the leading non-profit card-linked offers & cashback association — CardLinx — selected Meniga as one of the top 10 providers in the industry. Meniga’s mission is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where banks can provide their customers with cashback rewards through global brands and local businesses.

Meniga’s Cashback Rewards platform

Meniga has operated a live Cashback Rewards platform since 2017 and is today the largest transaction-driven marketing platform in the Nordics working with leading banks and with over 600 brands signed up and delivering cashback rewards.

People get cashback rewards from the brands they love

“Meniga improves financial lives by bringing consumers, businesses, and banks together in a mutually beneficial ecosystem — all through its innovative platform. It starts with the transaction. Consumers get personalized rewards from the brand they love.

Businesses take their sales and marketing to a new high through benchmarking and targeting. And banks improve customer engagement and boost revenue.”

What the judges have to say about Meniga on their selection process

What are Cashback Rewards & Card-Linked Offers?

Cashback Rewards is a frictionless way for people to get more value from their shopping experience, businesses to drive more sales at a higher return on their advertising spend and banks to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Cashback Rewards are sometimes called the perfected coupon user experience

Through Meniga, any business — whether a national player or local independent — can now transparently send offers to people, competing for consumer attention through a self-service interface similar to Google and Facebook Ads.

The self-service portal enables businesses to create campaigns to reward loyal customers and find new ones

The platform surpasses these traditional models by providing businesses with the ability to offer personalised rewards and offers to consumers based on purchase behaviour (and only paying for those who actually make a transaction). Past spending is proven to be the best predictor of future spending, and by employing machine learning technology Meniga can match businesses with consumers in a more effective manner than that offered by traditional marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook.

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Meniga has over 600 businesses delivering offers in the platform — demonstrating 7x ROI to date

Presenting such offers in the context of personal finance and digital banking substantially improves digital engagement and enhances conversion. By joining the Meniga platform, banks have the opportunity to offer their customers tangible, personalised rewards in the context of everyday banking, whilst simultaneously developing a new revenue stream.

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Banks are in a unique position to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem of banks, businesses, and consumers powered by personal finance data. By enriching transaction data with merchant and sector information, banks can develop insightful market reports and drive targeted convenient offer
programs for the benefit of their private and corporate customer base.

Cardlinx selected Meniga as one of the best in the world based on four key factors:

  1. Innovation — Features all parties care about most, including relevance, targeting, privacy and results.
  2. Engagement — Consumer ease-of-use and experience.
  3. Longevity — The length of time the solution has been in the market.
  4. Scale — The number of consumers, merchants, FIs and card issuers impacted.
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“McKinsey, a global management consulting firm, found that the use of load-to-card mobile and digital coupons have more than quintupled in each of the past two years as marketers shift their focus to digital coupons good only through retailer loyalty programs.”
The consulting firm also predicted digital couponing will overtake all forms of print coupons, with the exception of newspaper Free Standing Inserts (FSI), within five years. Additionally, McKinsey predicts load-to-card and mobile coupons will continue to grow distribution by around 50% annually from 2015 to 2019.”

Greg Shepard, Pepperjam

About CardLinx

The mission of the CardLinx Association is to promote the growth of online-to-offline commerce and card-linking by fostering cross-industry collaboration, developing industry services and instituting common standards. CardLinx hosts collaborative, interactive forums around the world and curates industry-leading technical workgroups for the development of interoperability standards.

The CardLinx membership includes the largest banks, digital publishers, payment networks, retailers, payment processors and offer technology companies in the world. Founding members of the CardLinx Association include Microsoft Corp., Mastercard, Discover, Facebook, and First Data Corp.