Market Intelligence

Utilise transaction data to provide real-time market insights. Our Market Intelligence helps businesses of any size grow through data-driven decisions.

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“We gain invaluable insights through
the market report that allow us to
grow in different segments”

Stephanie Cabrera
Head of Business Intelligence
Espresso House
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Provide your business customers

with the market insights that impact their business

Your bank can start utilising real-time market insights in a variety of ways:

  • Provide your bank’s business analytics team to use for data-based research, predictions and industry reports
  • Improve reporting and advice for corporate clients
  • Provide your corporate clients with access to Market Insights through your digital bank
  • Provide Market Insights to non-banking clients as a stand-alone service
  • Combine Market Insights with Rewards and use the data for merchants to target the right customers at the right time

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Consumer Analytics

Marketers can subscribe to Meniga Consumer Analytics driving unrivalled high performance marketing.

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  • Meniga purchase-based analytics
  • Massive sample size
  • Cost efficient, automated (collected in real time)
  • Enables an optimal use of marketing money over time since it leads to informed data-driven decisions
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