Going beyond financial management and helping the planet

Fintech Finance caught up with our busy Chief Revenue Officer, Jakub Piotrowski, at the Sibos 2019 event in London. It is safe to say that…

In a recent interview with Fintech Finance at Sibos 2019 in London, Meniga’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jakub Piotrowski, shared some very interesting insights on how banks can go beyond traditional digital banking and introduce innovative services that empower customers to help the planet and increases the bottom line at the same time.

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Working with the United Nations in carbon offsetting

Jakub covered Meniga’s recent partnership with the United Nations Climate Change. This enables users of our rewards platform in Sweden and Finland to donate the cashback earned towards important projects that reduce carbon emissions. About 800 tonnes of CO2 were offset in the first three weeks the platform was live.

‘You can have all the money in the world, but you can’t be happy if you know that the planet is still suffering’

Meniga’s approach to battling climate change is sparking a lot of interest globally.

Focusing on a customer-centric view of banking data

The theme of the Sibos event was ‘hyperconnectivity,’ and when asked about what that term meant to Meniga, Jakub stressed Meniga’s customer-centric view of the data.

‘In Europe we had the PSD2 deadline a couple of weeks ago. This is an important step for us’

Jakub reveals that Meniga is working on things like loyalty programs and adding data from outside the banking space. He gives a vision of the future where you would see an estimate of the carbon footprint of visiting a restaurant.

You would also see the offers the restaurant brand has for you. This is an example of how Meniga wants to increase the engagement of banking apps.

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Meniga joins the TCS Kubo Marketplace

In the interview, Jakub also talks about Meniga joining the TCS Cubo Marketplace. This is where banks can find leading partners that have integrated with the TCS banking platform.


Open banking and digital banking in SE Asia

When asked about what is ahead for Meniga, Jakub admits that it is hard to focus in today’s dynamic and global fintech market. In addition to working with European banks on PSD2, Meniga just recently opened an office in Singapore. This enables Meniga to capitalize on the open banking and digital banking opportunities in the South East Asia region and Australia.

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